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5 Reasons Dine Drink Detroit is the Most Delicious Week(s) of the Year

30 restaurants, 15 days, countless happy bellies

Kat Rembacki

Kat Rembacki

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Kat Rembacki

Sip. Eat. Repeat. That’s all we plan on doing for the next 15 days, while Dine Drink Detroit is in full swing. A record 30 restaurants and bars are participating this season, which starts October 4 (hey, that’s today!) and runs through the 20th. Just $15 gets you at least one food item and one drink at any of those eateries. That’s almost too much deliciousness for us to handle.

Read on for five reasons why this is the tastiest, most delectable, scrumdiddlyumptious time of the year.

Shrimp tostone from the Dine Drink Detroit launch party. Photo: Core Detroit.

Shrimp tostones from the Dine Drink Detroit launch party. Photo: Core Detroit.


  1. You can sample tons of different bites without committing to a whole meal

For just 15 bucks, you can check out a new spot you haven’t been to and see if it belongs in your regular rotation. Nibble on some tapas at La Feria, enjoy charcuterie at Ottava Via, or snack on some warm hand-twisted pretzels at Batch Brewing. If there’s a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, this is your chance to get a feel for what the food and atmosphere is like without committing to a whole evening there. Plus, you could sample more than one spot in a night, which brings us to our next point….

  1. You can design your own neighborhood Food & Drink Crawl

Several of the D3 spots are grouped within walking distance of each other. Grab a few friends, pick a neighborhood, and organize a Food & Drink Crawl. Head to Midtown and check out The BLOCK, La Feria, and Chartreuse. Or hit the downtown scene and stop by Downtown Louie’s, Rusted Crow and Firebird. Corktown has plenty of options; hit Gold Cash Gold, Slows and Mercury Burger & Bar for the evening, or get off the usual Michigan Ave. route and spend your evening strolling from Mudgie’s to Batch Brewing to St. Cece’s.

  1. Fancy-Nancy-Bo-Bancy eateries are temporarily affordable

We’re not sure what you could possibly order at Townhouse for $15 or less on a regular day; even their burger will normally set you back 19 bones. So when we saw them on the Dine Drink Detroit list, we got pretty excited. We might have started drooling, just a little bit. Other swanky spots like The Rattlesnake and Republic are also participating. Take advantage of D3’s affordable prices and visit an upscale spot that might normally out of your budget.

  1. There is endless variety

Craving a burger? Head over the Mercury, Cutter’s or stuff your face with sliders at Green Dot. In the mood for Mexican? Tijuana’s Mexican Kitchen has got you covered. Katoi and Johnny Noodle King offer their own spin on popular Asian dishes. And the options don’t end there. From Spanish to Southern, pizza, barbecue and beyond, Dine Drink Detroit has something for everyone. Whatever you’re craving.

  1. Spontaneity is welcome

There’s no need to make reservations for Dine Drink Detroit. And we think that is awesome. For those of us who can barely plan what we’re going to do for dinner tonight, scheduling a big, fancy meal a week or more in advance is almost more stressful than it is fun. Go with the flow and pick a spot based on whenever and whatever you feel like eating. Be a spontaneous foodie. These two weeks are meant to be fun.


Here’s the full list of restaurants and bars participating in Dine Drink Detroit. Head over to their website for more info, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Batch Brewing



La Feria

Bobcat Bonnie’s

Mercury Burger



Ottava Via

Parks & Rec

PJ’s Lager House

Colors Detroit


Rusted Crow


Downtown Louie’s



St. Cece’s

Gold Cash Gold



Green Dot



Huron Room


Johnny Noodle King

Jolly Pumpkin

Traffic Jam

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